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For the safety of the Rec Room fellowship, and to slow down the progression of the corona virus, the Rec Room will follow the same protocol for restaurants and bars as implemented by our governor. We will be closed for in-person meetings and events until further notice. We are holding virtual meetings on ZOOM daily at noon and 7 pm. Access these meetings with the "ZOOM Noon & 7PM" link below, or by calling 312.626.6799. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, "RR on Facebook" button, and website for updates and information on online meetings. Please stay safe.

Re-opening Announcements and Procedures

  1.  We will be opening up for in-person evening meetings beginning with the 7pm meeting on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The first 7:30 am in-person meeting starting date has yet to be determined. They will continue virtually until a decision has been made.
  2. The 7 pm meetings will be transitioning to hybrid meetings, meaning they will meet in-person as well as simultaneously being available virtually, via Zoom. Please bear with us as we adjust to the technical aspects of a hybrid meeting.
  3.  The evening meetings will all be at 7pm, 7 days a week.
  4.  Noon meetings will continue virtually only, 7 days a week.
  5.  The Saturday (AA literature) and Sunday (CMA) 11:30 am meetings do not have an in-person start date yet. They will continue as virtual meetings for the time being.
  6.  All other meetings have the hybrid option, if they would like.
  7. We ask that you continue to wear masks when indoors at the Rec Room for the time being. We consider ourselves a healthcare facility, and are following the City of Chicago guidelines for healthcare facilities.
  8.  There will be a technical guide prepared by Dave P., to assist in the setup of the hybrid meetings. Each 7:30am and 7pm meeting should have a chairperson/host AND a tech person.
  9.  Please be kind, respectful, and mindful of all folks in our rooms. We have all been through a hell of a time, and are navigating the world anew.

                            Coming end of July—Recovering Artists Series returns with new artwork by Ludwig!

Mission Statement
The Recovery Room (Rec Room) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization consisting of a community of individuals dedicated to celebrating the diversity of 12-step recovery in a spirit of inclusiveness.  We are a non-exclusionary safe social network welcoming experiences, voices and talents.  We seek to build community in a manner that encourages and reinforces our commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle.



  • To provide social and recreational opportunities for persons seeking an alternative safe space in our recovery community. 
  • To provide a central meeting location for 12-step programs of recovery.
  • To welcome all members of the GLBT community to a safe recovery community.
  • To provide a safe recovery space for young people seeking fellowship with others.
  • To affirm the sobriety lifestyle to those new in recovery by providing creative outlets that nurture their potential.
  • To experience the joy possible in embracing a life in recovery.

    Mailing Address:
    Rec Room Chicago
    c/o J. Rohrbacher
    3550 N. Lake Shore Drive #2503
    Chicago, IL 60657