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Mission Statement

The Recovery Room (Rec Room) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization consisting of a community of individuals dedicated to celebrating the diversity of 12-step recovery in a spirit of inclusiveness.  We are a non-exclusionary safe social network welcoming experiences, voices and talents.  We seek to build community in a manner that encourages and reinforces our commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle.



  • To provide social and recreational opportunities for persons seeking an alternative safe space in our recovery community. 
  • To provide a central meeting location for 12-step programs of recovery.
  • To welcome all members of the GLBT community to a safe recovery community.
  • To provide a safe recovery space for young people seeking fellowship with others.
  • To affirm the sobriety lifestyle to those new in recovery by providing creative outlets that nurture their potential.
  • To experience the joy possible in embracing a life in recovery.

    Rec Room Chicago
    4138 N. Sheridan
    Chicago, IL 60613