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For the safety of the Rec Room fellowship, and to slow down the progression of the corona virus, the Rec Room will follow the same protocol for restaurants and bars as implemented by our governor. We will be closed for in-person meetings and events until further notice. We are holding virtual meetings on ZOOM daily at noon and 7 pm. Access these meetings with the "ZOOM Noon & 7PM" link below, or by calling 312.626.6799. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, "RR on Facebook" button, and website for updates and information on online meetings. Please stay safe.

Re-Opening Update

Hello Everyone!

As we look to implement a re-opening strategy for in-person meetings that will keep all of our members safe, and to continue with virtual Zoom meetings, The Rec Room needs your input and your service. Specifically, we will need meeting chair-people, and additional tech-savvy folks to facilitate a seamless integration of our remote and in-room participants. 

To volunteer, please contact James R. at: or Keith B. at:

We are also crowd-sourcing our Zoom system, so if you have any of the following gear, please email David P. at: or James R. at:  with a photo of the gear and the model name(if you know it.)


  • Laptop from after 2017 with or without webcam
  • Old smartphones w/camera
  • USB Web cameras
  • Small tripod for a smart phone
  • Cellular hotspot with monthly plan
  • Computer monitors (17", 21", 24")
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Wall mount for TV
  • HDMI cables
  • HDMI to USB converters (USB-B or USB-C)
  • USB microphone
  • HDMI Adaptor for a phone

After seeing what gear is available, we will do some testing to see what works best for the space and the capabilities we have.


Mission Statement
The Recovery Room (Rec Room) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization consisting of a community of individuals dedicated to celebrating the diversity of 12-step recovery in a spirit of inclusiveness.  We are a non-exclusionary safe social network welcoming experiences, voices and talents.  We seek to build community in a manner that encourages and reinforces our commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle.



  • To provide social and recreational opportunities for persons seeking an alternative safe space in our recovery community. 
  • To provide a central meeting location for 12-step programs of recovery.
  • To welcome all members of the GLBT community to a safe recovery community.
  • To provide a safe recovery space for young people seeking fellowship with others.
  • To affirm the sobriety lifestyle to those new in recovery by providing creative outlets that nurture their potential.
  • To experience the joy possible in embracing a life in recovery.

    Mailing Address:
    Rec Room Chicago
    c/o J. Rohrbacher
    3550 N. Lake Shore Drive #2503
    Chicago, IL 60657