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For the safety of the Rec Room fellowship, and to slow down the progression of the corona virus, the Rec Room will follow the same protocol for restaurants and bars as implemented by our governor. We will be closed for in-person meetings and events until further notice. We are holding virtual meetings on ZOOM daily at noon and 7 pm. Access these meetings with the "ZOOM Noon & 7PM" link below, or by calling 312.626.6799. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, "RR on Facebook" button, and website for updates and information on online meetings. Please stay safe.



Please contact us at

if you have a recovery-related event

which might be suitable for the Rec Room's space


    Mailing Address:
    Rec Room Chicago
    c/o K. Butler

    4350 N. Broadway St. Unit 801

    Chicago, IL 60613